Citizenship and Justice

Sunday, September 13, 2020

What Is It

获得发达国家的公民身份可以保证人们享有巨大的特权和机会。一些人谴责那些试图非法获取公民身份带来的好处的人。但是,我们决定谁可以进入边境的方式是武断和不公平的吗?我们应该允许出生在一个国家领土上的人进入边境,还是允许父母是公民的人进入边境?或者我们应该青睐那些对国家贡献最大的高技能人才?确定公民身份最公正的方法是什么?Josh and Ray cross the border with Arash Abizadeh from McGill University, author ofHobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics.



Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 -- 8:11 AM

Citizenship is a privilege,

Citizenship is a privilege, not a right. Where one is born is not within his/her control. A nation's resources are limited---even in the long view that emerges in the wealthiest and most powerful. That there are limits is not always readily admitted by liberal progressives, who believe all ought to have access to a better life. And fundamental human rights. My view on this issue is not always well-received. This nation's reputation as saviour to the world is more mythical than practical. I just have the nerve to say so.

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Harold G. Neuman

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 -- 7:03 AM

We can no longer welcome

We can no longer welcome everyone's tired and poor, seems to me. That was several yesterdays ago. Now, due to many contingencies, we have more than enough of our own and barely the available resources to assist them towards becoming rested and gainfully employed. But, lip-service aside, such is not;was never a priority anyway. Philanthropy spins a good yarn and shores up reputations which have been tarnished by personal aspiration. In short, it makes people look better than they deserve.